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How to Make Mobile Exhibiting Work for You

2020 has flipped the traditional approach to marketing on its head. With trade shows on hold and travel limitations in place, opportunities to physically meet with customers are few and far between. For many, sales cycles are slowing down, online fatigue is setting in, and the desire for face-to-face interaction is at an all-time high. Companies are desperately looking for ways to shake things up and meaningfully engage with clients.


There are many ways to approach this challenge: online webinars, virtual trade shows, teleconferencing, and digital interactives are all avenues being implemented. But while these platforms have their benefits, they all lack one thing: physical face-to-face interaction.

What if there was a low-risk, CDC compliant way to let your customers experience your brand? What if this type of engagement allowed you to see them face-to-face? What if you could be in the driver’s seat and set your own marketing road map through the current pandemic and beyond?

Well, a mobile exhibit may be just the thing your company is looking for.


Mobile Exhibiting 101

For starters, a mobile exhibit is a self-contained, easily deployable, immersive brand activation. Whether a small RV or a large expandable trailer, your brand story travels where you want; when you want. Once at its destination, the exhibit quickly sets up and becomes a place for your audience to interact with you and experience your story in a personalized, meaningful way.

5 Reasons You Should Be Considering a Mobile Exhibit

You Control the Schedule: No longer are you restricted to a three-day span set by a show organization. With a mobile exhibit, you control the schedule, route, and audience you engage with. You can leverage regional sales staff to limit travel and maintain existing customer relationships. For your client, they can experience your brand with a high level of customer service, in a shorter time commitment.

Setting Up Is a Breeze: The simple pack-and-go approach to a mobile exhibit makes it an efficient method to physically reaching your customers. Unlike trade shows which traditionally have days of installation time, a mobile exhibit can often be set up by a one or two-person crew in just a few hours.

Demand Your Customer’s Undivided Attention: With an enclosed mobile exhibit, you have the undivided attention of your audience. There are no competitors or distracting exhibits next door. Mobile exhibits give you an opportunity to go directly to your customer and share with them your unique brand engagement; leaving you top of mind. And for the people simply “passing by”, the graphics on your exhibit provide the perfect billboard for a quick brand impression. Peak curiosity with a call to action, encouraging your audience to digitally engage with your brand in a different way. This approach provides two different levels of brand experience and extends your marketing reach (whether flying down the highway, or at your destination).

Easily Implement CDC Recommendations & Social Distancing: Any form of face-to-face interaction has some level of risk during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but it can be done safely. Mobile exhibiting naturally attracts a smaller, qualified audience. With fewer people, you can control the number of guests and the time they spend in your space. Provide set time slots to control the stream of traffic into a safe and manageable flow. Consider having brand engagements inside and outside to extend the experience. Lastly, offer branded masks and a mobile temperature screening prior to guests entering, for added safety.

Spark Life into Your Sales Cycle: Bottom line — everything comes down to sales. If engagements with your customer are not moving them further down the sales cycle, then you need a better story or a better approach. Being disruptive and finding ways to place your brand right at your customer’s feet has the potential to separate you from the digital pack and leave a lasting impression. Participating in an experience that is outside of the 2020 norm may be just the spark your program needs. Not only that, but you may also find that a mobile exhibit actually compliments your traditional trade show program when shows restart.


3 Keys to Starting Your Mobile Exhibit Program

You Are Only as Good as the Story You Tell: Just like a trade show exhibit, or any other marketing effort – you’re only as good as the story you tell. Having a compelling message that resonates with your customer is the most important factor in whether you succeed or fail. Ask yourself, what part of your story can’t be told via the web or a teleconference? What type of experience is your customer missing out on because you haven’t been meeting face-to-face? What type of experience can I bring to my audience that would move them to take the next step on their brand journey?

Know Your Limitations: Mobile exhibits come in a wide range of sizes and budgets. Knowing what you have to invest will help you determine the best approach to take. We all have challenges we are facing — but it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. With many trade show budgets in limbo, finding ways to reallocate those funds into other “exhibit” needs can help reinforce the importance of your company’s events team. Considering a fun, digital experience within your mobile exhibit? How can you leverage those investments into other marketing channels today, or further down the road? Can you get other departments or groups to share in the investment? These types of questions can be the difference in bringing your idea into reality.

Surround Yourself with Experts: You may have the experience and expertise to pull off a trade show event, but there are many nuances to a mobile exhibit program that benefits from having an experienced partner. Set yourself up for success by working with a team that can ensure your program meets budgets, travel schedules, and road compliance.


At RES, we have over 30 years of experience in the trade show industry. Over the last 15 years, we’ve helped extend our customer’s trade show programs beyond the show floor and onto the open road. No matter the situation, our goal is to create safe, one-of-a-kind experiences for your audience. We can work with you to tell your compelling story and deliver results, thru the pandemic and beyond.

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