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5 Reasons You Should Participate in Virtual Events

Virtual exhibits have become the go-to alternative to live exhibiting while the world rebounds from the current global pandemic. Online exhibits present many conundrums: the thought of simply picking up the phone to get ahold of customers seems easier. Budgets have been cut, leaving little room to invest in exhibits. And, the lack of knowledge of virtual exhibits can leave you saying, “So What?”.

What you might not realize is that virtual exhibits provide the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your competitors while showing customers you’re active and flexible. Virtual exhibits provide a cost effective alternative, with ease of implementation where you can measure your analytics and know what works, and works well.

For Virtual AUSA 2020, RES helped Oshkosh Defense create a highly customized brand presence, while fully operating within the eShows platform provided by the show organizer.


5 Reasons You Should Participate in Virtual Events

You Control the Schedule: Stay Top of Mind with Customers: Participating in virtual exhibits shows customers you are still open for business. Your company can still reach clients with your latest offerings and content while generating conversation and potential business in the interim. You can also generate new leads, which in turn creates new business opportunities.

Cost-Effective: With budgets tightened due to shutdowns, virtual events offer customer engagement with lower costs. Travel fees, drayage, I&D, show services, and other fees are non-existent. Those dollars can be saved or invested directly toward virtual customer engagement.

Did you know a virtual event can not only be hosted through an online show, but completely on its own by you? The flexibility to showcase your virtual exhibit through your own platforms allows you to reach a larger audience, on your timeline.

Ease of Implementation: While show organizers are operating differently, they also provide a comprehensive guide or training on how their platform will work. Most systems are using common video conferencing platforms that you and your staff are familiar with. When it comes to the actual design, you can take advantage of what you already have. Leverage existing graphic and video content to help tell your top tier stories.

Measurement & Analytics: Virtual provides you with metrics you’ve always wished you had in live events; know where your visitors are from, what they do, what features in your exhibits were most successful, and so much more. Gather data and make decisions regarding your next virtual event, or even how you may adapt that information for your next live event. Measuring and tracking customer interaction and satisfaction information is an invaluable tool virtual provides, effectively.

Limitless Scalability: Once you are comfortable with exhibiting through organized virtual events, you can provide enhanced customer engagements. You can establish microsites, 360* walkthroughs, or HTML interactives to enhance your exhibit experiences. Digital content with dual-purpose can be generated; tailor interactives so they can also be used in other sales channels, or when live events return.

1917 – Into the Trenches is an Award winning example of how to engage and transport your audience. The easy of use within the 360 environment is an advanced example of custom HTML interactivity. The same principles can be applied to a virtual exhibit or any other destination you desire.


Virtual exhibiting is not going away any time soon; even when live events return, virtual will have a valuable role to play. Do not let the prospects of virtual exhibiting scare you to inaction. Strike while the iron is hot and gain valuable experiences with this new platform. Create engagements that give you a decisive advantage over your competition and accelerate your growth once live events return.

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