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Textron Systems

Textron Systems is best known for innovative defense, government and aerospace technologies and services. They recently redesigned the brand with a new campaign: "PUSHING PAST POSSIBLE"


While Textron System’s agency provided a comprehensive guide to the new brand look and campaign, the translation to exhibitions was still in development . With an exhibit made up of primarily black properties, the new style of the brand clashed the existing structures.


Using the new style guide as a compass, RES’ design team provided Textron with a variant of the brand that complemented the existing properties. We leveraged black and white imagery as the prominent storytelling visual, allowing the bold colors of the campaign to shine through. This graphic approach, paired with new video and hexagonal lighting elements, helped breath new life into their existing structure.


The new branding debuted at AUSA, paired with a reveal of the new M5 Ripsaw vehicle. The bold brand helped differentiate Textron Systems from the sea of competitors on show floor. The look became the new base for all exhibit branding moving forward.

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