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Northrop Grumman

Redefining a titan of the defense industry.


Northrop has been exhibiting in the Defense sector for over 10 years with RES. While strategies have evolved over that time, Northrop has consistently focused on individual product stories and a heavy reliance on their models and small devices. Each Northrop representative was responsable for his/her station and product. The exhibit lacked an overarching narrative to unify all that Northrop offered.

As a multi-faceted solutions provider, Northrop Grumman had a large variety of products and solutions that they showcased within the exhibit, Each product had their counter, graphic and monitor to tell its story. The approach provide a wide perspective of what Northrop offered, but the overall impression was disjointed, siloed, with each product competing for audience attention.


Northrop’s new exhibit is centered around one underlying principle: Excite your audience with the big-picture value that Northrop, as a whole, provides the audience. The theme of “Decisive Advantage” was showcased on a custom large-format video wall.

In addition to the customer-centric value message, Northrop and RES created short 30-second “product commercials” that were included in the video loop. Each video teased an offering and benefit to the customer, sparking curiosity and triggering conversations with staff.


The new exhibit stole the show, commanding the floor with its unique look and massive video presence.

In addition, Northrop has built up a library of over forty 30-second “vignettes” that feature individual product/solution stories in a customer-focused narrative. Northrop selects which vignettes are applicable to each show, then use them within a video loop to support the unified theme message.

RES continuously proves that they are an invaluable partner. Not only do they put forward creative ideas, but they know how to make those ideas become reality. We’re thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship and can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store.

Bryce McDevitt

Strategic Communications & Marketing Executive

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