Bring the Customer Journey Home with Experience Centers

Logos. Websites. Ad campaigns. When we think of brands, these are what typically come to mind. But as we all know, brands are complex. They have history, values, people, products, offerings, and experiences. At the heart of most brands, is a headquarters. Its location; aesthetic, layout, culture, environment, and visitor experience are all ingredients in […]

5 Reasons You Should Participate in Virtual Events

Virtual exhibits have become the go-to alternative to live exhibiting while the world rebounds from the current global pandemic. Online exhibits present many conundrums: the thought of simply picking up the phone to get ahold of customers seems easier. Budgets have been cut, leaving little room to invest in exhibits. And, the lack of knowledge of virtual exhibits can […]

How to Make Mobile Exhibiting Work for You

2020 has flipped the traditional approach to marketing on its head. With trade shows on hold and travel limitations in place, opportunities to physically meet with customers are few and far between. For many, sales cycles are slowing down, online fatigue is setting in, and the desire for face-to-face interaction is at an all-time high. Companies are desperately […]

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